Quirky Historical Facts
With a Modern Twist.

When a warrior had a gut wound, they would make them eat a fragrant soup made with mostly onion. Later they would smell the wound. If they smelled onion, that meant the soup came out of the wound and that they would probably die. I can’t imagine waiting for people to smell a wound to tell me if I would die...

Shrooms and Bears

The most elite Norse warriors were called Berserkers. They would get highly intoxicated with magic mushrooms and sometimes alcohol and wear a bear or wolf pelt instead of traditional armor. They would would fight as though they were in a trance and howl like wolves. They could not be harmed and seemed to feel no pain. They believed that they carried the spirit of the animal whose pelt they wore.


Vikings using skiing as a mode of transportation and a recreational activity. There was even a Norse god of skiing, Ullr.

Spa Day

Vikings were actually quite vain, and those with red or brown hair would bleach their hair with lye. Blonde was the preferred hair color of the time and region. The lye they used also kept lice away. A lot of Vikings would dye their beard hair blonde. The men also wore make up to appear younger.

Ancient Antics
Hannah Ferrell